12 September 2011

The weekend's work

I had a look at playing with Quicksand on the weekend, one of the jQuery plug-ins I want to use in my revamped portfolio site. Fortunately I found a couple of great tutorials over at the Web Design Think Tank, written by Stewart Doxey. The more basic Simple data filtering using jQuery was fine but I managed to break something when I moved on to Simple jQuery filtering using Quicksand. I need to revisit that in the next couple of days (in between celebrant meetings and dress-trying outings. Did I mention I was also trying to plan a wedding!?)

Anyway, I thought it would be good to get back to some basics and learn a bit more about Javascript. I was looking at purchasing a book to get me started but I've discovered Eloquent JavaScript - a modern introduction to Programming by Marijn Haverbeke. It's online (awesome!) with interactive bits in it. There's an edited version also available to be purchased. So far, quite interesting - the introduction strongly resembles a conversation I had with my Significant Individual (SI from now on) over a couple of very tasty Stouts at the pub on Saturday night...