15 February 2010

'Real-world Flash Game dev' - where I'm at

So, I'm through the first couple of chapters of the book, but not playing with AS3 yet...
I've been caught up with the whole job application process, sending off letters to the awesome-looking digital agencies (not cold calling, but cold emailing :-)), hoping to catch someone thinking about hiring an eager and keen paid intern/junior flash developer. I realised quite a few companies didn't have an email address to send my cv to, but were contactable through LinkedIn, so I've just been developing my LinkedIn profile (and got sucked in hooking up with old contacts/friends...the social networking collecting game begins again...).

Anyway, back to the book.

So, the first three chapters dealt with Flash (how it evolved, an overview of what it is/isn't good for) as well as some basic concepts re games and game development (although I'd covered this in way more depth in my Comp Game Design subject, there were a couple of handy checklists I might employ).

I've started on Chapter 4 //FTW! which covers best practices programming in AS3. I started to freak out a bit as he's starting to talk about classes, instances, assets etc and code sections are starting to appear, but I know I'm being silly. I've actually come across and used all of these sorts of things before, in GameMaker as well as in some of Strine's tpl/php code. I think it's one of those things that when you use it, it makes sense, but it's no longer fresh in my mind so I might have to go back and play with a bit of code (or read one of my development blogs) so it all means something to me again.

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