14 January 2010

Got to start somewhere...

So, now I've finished with my degree it's time to start some self-directed 'study' or research.

I wanted somewhere to jot down my thoughts and collate my findings - another blog seemed a sensible place to start, which led to the spawning of Tot's jots.

I'm about to look for a role to kick off my career as a flash developer (I think!), so I've been doing a bit of research into Sydney's digital agencies
OK, I lost the rest of that brilliant post when I logged out of Gmail before publishing it... derr!!!

Anyway, I was about to mention the fact that during my research I came across Unity 3D game builder for PC, Mac and web, which is now available to download for free! http://unity3d.com/

I'm tempted to have a play with it - just converting Stink bug to a new format, but as my plan was to learn Actionscript 3 first and foremost, I should probably focus on that for now. Might help with the job seeking process. Anyway, thought I'd log the site somewhere so i can come back to it a bit later on...

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