15 January 2010

trawling and research - AS3

So I'm having a bit of a scan around to see if there's any free Actionscript 3 tutorials online that I can start looking at in my downtime here at work. I found Warm Forest's top 8 resources for learning AS3 online, which had a couple of interesting looking things which might be worth scanning later. They did make a good point though - as I found with all the uni projects, the best way to learn code is to do code i.e. set yourself a project and make mistakes/go through the trial and error process.

So what I might do is read Senocular's getting started guide to get an idea of what it can do/what it's all about/OOP and then try to build something at home. I'm thinking I might just try to build myself an existing basic flash game and see how that goes. I've also put a request in for a beginners guide at the uni library (hoping I still have borrowing privileges!)

Other than (obviously) Google, these resources might be worth adding to my link list

Gotoandlearn.com Loads of video tutorials on all manner of Flash things
Lynda.com Loads of video tutorials on all manner of things

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