07 March 2010

960 grid system - the background

So I found a blog post by the creator of the 960 grid system

I think I'm going to try using for the LIF2 build for a couple of reasons...
1) It seems to make sense to me
2) It looks 'right' to me re total width of page as well as column division sizes
3) It takes into account accessibility issues and addresses some typographic ideas I didn't know about. e.g. Not having played at all with Linux browsers, I had no idea I should be considering choice of fonts for real cross browser compliance
4) It doesn't apply too much styling - appears to be less than Blueprint (http://www.blueprintcss.org/) so I don't feel like I'm 'cheating' so much using a grid builder
5) It doesn't claim to the best/better than everything else out there. I like the fact that the author just puts this forward as something that works for him, and if you happen to find it works for you, well awesome.
6) It plays well with IE6/7
7) It's free!

It's an experiment anyway, so lets see how it goes...

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