03 March 2010


OK, so my very good friend Marla did me a massive favour and had a developer at her digital agency (someone that I don't know!) review my academic portfolio. What came out of that exercise was an honest evaluation and constructive feedback, which is exactly what I need right now.

He didn't have a great deal of time to view it and it was interesting to see the sorts of things he picked out to look at (and they weren't necessarily my best work - which isn't what I wanted!). I don't know why I sound surprised - you'd think with all of the awesome success I had with user testing feedback in all of my uni projects, I would have thought to 'user test' before now.

The portfolio, as it stands, shows the work I completed for each subject in my degree, in chronological order. I was hoping it would show how much I evolved/improved over the two years. What I didn't think about was people are more likely to just flick through the site and scan through the work, and the current set up doesn't really suit that. It looks like I'm going to have to create a new (abridged) portfolio site, with just the main pieces that I think best demonstrate my skill set (and somewhere I'll be able to start collecting new things I working on).

I cringe thinking about the agencies I've sent the link to, not to mention the job I applied for (that I was really keen on!!) - people have seen it in it's current sub-optimal state, it's no wonder I haven't heard back from them!! Oh well. I think before I start chasing those up I should probably sort out my online presence...like getting a hair cut pre-interview :-)

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